In the enchanting setting
of the Mediterranean Sea lies a jewel
of biodiversity: the protected area of Torre Guaceto.

Torre Guaceto
Natural Reserve
and Marine Protected Area

The Nature Reserve

The Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve is one of the 16 Blue Parks, an elite group of natural treasures scattered across the planet. It includes both a marine and a terrestrial reserve, covering a total area of 110 hectares that hosts a large number of animal species.

In October 2019, the reserve was awarded the Blue Park Award by the Marine Conservation Institute of Oslo, one of the world’s most important organizations for the conservation of marine environments. The reserve’s beaches are characterized by untouched dunes up to 10 meters high, and numerous wildlife species inhabit the area. Torre Guaceto is also an ideal place for the feeding and breeding of the Caretta sea turtle.

Torre Guaceto

The Marine Protected Area, established in 1991, and the State Nature Reserve, created in 2000, form a system of protected areas that extends over approximately 3,300 hectares and covers a coastal stretch of 8 kilometers from the provincial capital, Brindisi, to the territory of the municipality of Carovigno.

The park’s name itself tells of its ancient history and the importance it has always held for both animal and human communities since ancient times. Torre Guaceto, in fact, derives from the Arabic Al Gawsit, “the place of fresh water,” a term chosen by an ancient Middle Eastern topographer to indicate the presence of life-giving water springs in the area. Its geological and environmental characteristics have always made the reserve an ideal place for all living species.

The environment

Flying over Torre Guaceto from inland towards the open sea, one observes an invaluable treasure: a diverse ecosystem stretching from the hinterland to the crystal-clear sea. Cultivated fields and olive groves give way to Mediterranean scrubland, wetlands, dunes, and sandy shores. Finally, the deep blue sea hosts meadows of Posidonia oceanica and coralligenous formations.

Different but interconnected environments, protected yet open to humans. Torre Guaceto is a CETS certified destination, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. A mark awarded by Europarc to areas managed in a virtuous way, both in terms of protection and promotion.

Within the framework of the CETS (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas), the Consortium collaborates with the municipalities of Brindisi, Carovigno, Mesagne, and San Vito dei Normanni, aiming to enhance the district’s standards of environmental, energy, and social sustainability. Accommodation providers, restaurants, and tourist guides in these four municipalities demonstrating virtuous practices are awarded the “CETS Torre Guaceto” label by Federparchi.

We lovingly defend what matters most: our planet.

My Friend Planet

Being green is in our attitude, in our name. Every trip we take generates, through excessive resource consumption, polluting means of transport, and waste production, the so-called environmental impact. In response to this awareness and based on ethical principles of solidarity, environmental care, and territory, My Friend Planet was born, a tourism experience that embraces sustainability with heart and conscience through concrete actions. At Torre Guaceto Greenblu Resort, we fully respect the protocol. This approach aims to preserve the environment, thus contributing to improving the quality of life for all of us. With My Friend Planet, Greenblu is committed to shaping a better future, one responsible step at a time. Travel with Greenblu: you will do your part to safeguard our precious Planet.

The good practices

  • Plastic free
  • Water dispensers and aluminum water bottles
  • Local food sourcing
  • Reduction of single-use packaging
  • 100% ECO and BIO room amenities
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • LED indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Collection and recovery of rainwater for irrigation
  • Sustainable mobility and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Inclusivity and support for local communities
  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Solar panels
  • Morphological integration: ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT
  • Employee training on the project
  • Energy saving and recovery
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